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Soulful House Music Diva Sheree Hicks Drops by TP Corleone's Funk Zone.
29 Views · 6 months ago

Sheree Hicks chops it up with TP Corleone giving us an update on what's new in her illustrious career, her early encounters with Charlie Wilson and Russell Simmons and how the pandemic has affected her life. Good interview and good vibes. Dig It.​​​​$FunkZone​​

Sexy MF, Model, Actress, Soul Train Dancer and Prince Protege Robin Power Spills the Tea!
50 Views · 7 months ago

Robin Power in a rare chat with TP Corleone about her experiences in the entertainment biz and how she got involved with Prince during the Graffiti Bridge and Sexy MF Era.$FunkZone

This Band is the Next To BLOW UP BIG TIME!!   Laura Rain and the Caesars. Chillin' in TP's
19 Views · 7 months ago

Laura Rain, lead singer of Laura Rain and the Caesars is in the Funk Zone with TP Corleone. Chilling and spilling about the great vintage soul sound of the band, The new single "Closer To The Win" which is buzzing internationally and the many blessings of a bright prosperous future ahead. Dig It and Enjoy!​​$FunkZone​

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